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Welcome to  1ocal_logotype  (“One Local”)

We bet you’re here because you, like us, value and envision a vibrant local food system, based on direct relationships, transparency, community engagement and environmental stewardship. You understand that those components are essential to provide economic benefit for farmers, safe food for consumers and business opportunities for markets, restaurants and food retailers. 1LOCAL is a tool to help food businesses assess their current local-food impact, communicate with consumers who share a commitment to strengthening their local food system and identify ways to improve their local efforts.

“Local” is more than Geography

Backed by in-depth field research and literature reviews, we understand that there’s no one way to define “local.” For many, local not only includes geographic proximity, but also freshness, quality and community connections. So, to us, 1LOCAL celebrates the many beautiful shades of “local” by allowing businesses to define their own priorities for “local.” For more information and research on local food, visit the Resources page.

How does the 1LOCAL Index work?

Food business* managers take the online 1LOCAL Self-assessment, answering questions about their current practices to support their local food system. Our team reviews the info and provides each business with an attractive 1LOCAL Infographic poster, customized to reflect their local commitment and impact, in their own words. We’ll also provide a 1LOCAL Toolkit, which includes tips and best practices for engaging consumers and farmers in your local efforts.

Want to participate? Send a request to the 1LOCAL team.

* Right now, food businesses include farmers markets, restaurants and food retailers. If you don’t fall into one of these categories, let us know, and we’ll notify you when we roll out other business types.

Not a food business?

No problem. You can hop aboard the 1LOCAL train by using the #1local hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to celebrate local foods, farmers and businesses rocking your local food scene. Check out the #1LOCAL! page, to join the celebration.

1LOCAL is a product of the Real Deal project, made possible by funding from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.