Branding Tools


Branding Tools

If you have not yet taken the 1LOCAL Index (self-assessment), return to, log in and complete the assessment or submit a participation request. The assessment may take about 40 minutes to complete, not including time to calculate your local spendings and gather your list of food producers from the previous year. You should receive your 1LOCAL Infographic and Toolkit within one week.

Once you receive your 1LOCAL Infographic:

Now you have an attractive visual snapshot of some of the ways you’re making a positive impact in your local food system. Use these numbers and the graphic to communicate to your customers your commitment to the area you define as local. This communication tool works best when you make it available in the places your customers typically look for information about your products and practices.


Here are some ideas for getting started.

  • Upload the PDF to your website.
  • Share the JPG on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media account.
  • Embed the graphic in your digital or print newsletter.
  • Print the graphic*, and hang it wherever customers are likely to notice:

A.Retailer_mock_smallNext to cash registers
In the entrance
Beside products from local farms

*  We recommend printing onto 17 x 11” paper
(the actual size of the infographic design),
but if that’s not an option for you, 11 x 8.5” will work.


  • Join the #1LOCAL social media campaign:

Take a picture of or write about your local goods.
Share it on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter.
In the description/caption, include the text #1LOCAL.

Your photo will show up on, along with posts from others sharing what 1LOCAL means to them.
(The #1LOCAL hashtag also becomes searchable within each social media platform. See the link below, for help.)

  • Encourage customers to participate in the #1LOCAL social media campaign. When customers write or share pictures of your goods and services with the #1LOCAL hashtag, it’s free advertising! Add the #1LOCAL hashtag to your signage, to cue social-media-savvy customers to include it in their post about you.

(Still not sure what this hashtag thing is all about? Check out Mashable’s beginner guide to hashtags.)